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Juggling Jug Puppies

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Loosie (Above) He was kinda run over by a lawnmower by a really mean guy when he was a little bitty kitten. He only has one ear now. But he is a really KEWL dude!  Beanie (Below) is Mommies little "untouchable" baby. He doesn't play much, with us. although he does cahse Turbo around the house somtimes. He sure is a fine looking fellow don't ya think.



This is our old and dear friend, Torquie. He is not like us JUGS. He is a guniea Pig.  R.I.P. little buddie 11-21-07


This is our rooster, Pimp Daddy. He's a pretty kewl dude. He does a good job of keeping Reese and me away from his girls. =D

Have you ever heard of a "PEEKOUT"?
Well I'll tell ya what  our version of a peekout is.
These Jugglings are indeed peekouts. any size dog, cat, kid, bird, lizard,spouse,  anything can be a "peekout".
Our meaning for the word peekout is:
The "thing" is so far up your butt, it peeks out once in awhile to see whats going on!
Hence the phrase, "Look at my cute peekout" !
These friends of ours on this page are all peekouts! Don't let them try to fool ya. They are. Reese and I visit them and play with them and we know first hand that they are indeed PEEKOUTS.



Photos of my "In Town " friends. PeeWee, (Reese and I call PeeWee "PeeDubbya") and Sassy. Sassy likes to hang with only her mommy.


Do you know what a barnacle is? Ha Ha Somtimes I was Jessies Barnacle
She was our bestest friend in the whole world!  

She lets us climb on her and bite her in the belly when she stood up. She also let us have her bed when we came charging in her room. Imagine that. Geez, she was awful nice huh! We are glad we have happy memories of her.

R.I.P. Girley

Our Girly
Jessie Bell


Let us introduce to the world, Our newest freind,
                   Maggie !!! 
She belongs to a nice person named Sarah! Hey Reese, Is that a corrot on her lip?

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Those Are The Cutest JUGS I've Ever Seen !